Alchemy + Personal Care: The Integrated Platform for an Evolving Industry   

Digital tools are revolutionizing the world of personal care, and not a moment too soon. Today's cosmetic chemists face the challenge of holistic formulating: they must balance performance, compliance, and sustainability like never before. It’s never been a more exciting — or overwhelming — time to be a cosmetic chemist.

Alchemy's integrated ELN + LIMS software is designed to help lab teams in beauty and cosmetics stay on top of that ever-growing requirements checklist. Our ingredient and formulation structure, which connects formulations to performance, helps you hit targets faster while reducing non-compliance risk.

Alchemy also provides AI-powered insights to help your team speed up product development and increase productivity. Identifying suitable formulations in a fraction of the time and cost, our solution helps you create newer, better, more effective, cleaner, and simpler products faster than ever

So say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and hello to efficiency with Alchemy’s ELN + LIMS. Join the many customers who use our platform to streamline product development workflows, optimize formulation processes, reduce errors, and accelerate time to market.