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Product and process improvements are driven by the ability to analyze material properties, specific process parameters, and how they each affect performance.

Alchemy connects and unifies all of this information in one place for our energy technology customers. Our platform gives them the ability to quickly trace progress, compare outcomes, and distill experiment data to understand why things worked (or didn't work).

Underpinned with embedded AI and native Design of Experiment capabilities, Alchemy is driving faster-than-ever development speed and commercialization at energy tech companies just like yours. It's an ELN + LIMS solution that automates data capture and formatting, integrates production and commercial data, and works for everyone. 

Watch the video to see how our platform can help companies like yours bring products to market faster.

Our Impact

A vertically integrated Li-ion battery company automated sample processing and analysis, significantly increasing their lab capacity.


Hours saved per week

A vertically integrated Li-ion battery company saved time with intersected data search and visualization.


Hours saved per week per person

This manufacturer of conductive polymers centralized and automated their entire quality control process for drastically improved cost.

Hours spent before Alchemy 

Hours spent after Alchemy




‍A reduction of

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