IMCD + Alchemy:
Continuous Improvement

"Thanks to Alchemy, we are now more capable of knowing our products better."

With hundreds of scientists in dozens of labs working worldwide to create next-generation applications across eight market segments, IMCD needed lab data management infrastructure that could keep up with the diverse needs of its various businesses. 

Since partnering with Alchemy in 2020, the platform has not only kept up with IMCD's applications and product development, it continues to drive measurable improvements, from technical request to formulated solution.

Listen to Jerome Bollard, Technical Director at IMCD Group, discuss some of the ways Alchemy has made their lab operations better:

  • Improved inter-departmental alignment 
  • Greater, more widespread formulating expertise
  • Streamlined formulation management 
  • Clear, consistent communication within and between labs

Want to make formulating easier than ever?

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