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Alchemy's SaaS platform enables the future of plastics and packaging by combining faster innovation with lower costs

Plastics and packaging research and product development are at a crossroads of challenges and opportunities. Consumer concerns about sustainability, coupled with compliance-driven reformulation, have made it more crucial than ever to accelerate formulating and streamline workflows for better product development. Disconnected data and outdated information systems slow down testing cycles and keep companies from getting high-quality products to customers on time. 

With Alchemy's flexible ELN and LIMS, you can connect and organize data to meet customer specifications quickly and easily. Embedded Design of Experiment (DOE) capabilities let you set benchmarks and targets for properties and accumulate AI-ready data in the process. Whether you develop raw materials or manage the entire product development process, Alchemy can help you speed up research and reduce development costs. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, Alchemy provides valuable insights that help your company identify patterns and develop new formulations more efficiently. By overlaying data across the entire process, it can predict packaging or material failure, shelf life, decomposition, and other critical properties. Better predictions mean fewer testing cycles, which means faster development and scale-up.

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What sets us apart

  • All-in-one software. Alchemy offers technical teams a comprehensive product development solution that combines the best functionalities of ELN, LIMS, PLM, AI, and Excel to help P&P businesses develop new materials and packaging with ease.
  • Intelligent and industry-savvy team. Our team is comprised of dedicated chemists and scientists who understand industry best practices to help you effectively structure and capture data.
  • API-friendly architecture. Alchemy’s out-of-the-box REST APIs allow for integration with other systems and your equipment, ensuring you always have accurate, complete, and reliable data.

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